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The mission of Serenity Counseling Center is to enhance the lives of our clients through spirit-based services and support in a peaceful and caring environment. Say hello to our wonderful staff who are dedicated to your success. 

Dr. Angie Anderson

Founder Angie Anderson, Ph. D., Licensed Professional Counselor, Collaborative Divorce Coach & Child Specialist, and Certified Yoga Instructor, has provided mental health therapy, coaching and yoga instruction to hundreds of clients.


As a counselor for over twenty years in diverse settings, Angie has personally adopted an integrative approach while utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions and tools to best meet the needs of her clients.  Her intention is to bring to the session a theoretical recipe based upon person centered, existential, and cognitive behavioral ingredients.  With an additional spirituality component, she hopes to empower clients while practicing with an integrative model. With a person centered focus, the relationship is of the utmost importance providing authenticity, respect, and acceptance.  Through an existential lens, clients are supported to acknowledge potential for self-awareness and given freedom to choose individual fate.  At times, cognitive behavioral interventions challenge personal belief systems to create awareness on the think-feel-do cycle.  

Respecting the importance of the unity of families and marriages, Angie developed a five session program "Making Love Last."  Through her program, Angie is dedicated to assisting families and couples with enhanced healthy communication and effective conflict resolution while maintaining mutual respect.  

Angie is also collaboratively trained in helping families find balance and peace while going through a divorce.  She will work with children as a Child Specialist to learn effective coping skills to deal with the changes in the family as they separate/divorce.  She will also work with parents in developing healthy parenting plans to make the transition easier.  With the adults going through a divorce, Angie will serve as a Divorce Coach to help the individual cope and deal with the loss of the marriage and meet the client where they need to help the process be as amicable as possible.

Practicing yoga for over 20 years, Dr. Angie enjoys teaching yoga of all levels in a variety of settings. She loves bringing her passion for yoga to many clients, teaching them to listen to their bodies & creating a space for each client to take their practice off the mat into their every day lives. Contact Dr. Angie for private sessions or special events.


Utilizing her PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision, she has enjoyed branching out as a counselor educator and clinical supervisor.  In this role, Angie passionately brings her experience of counseling to future counselors. Presently, she is Affiliate Professor with Thomas University & Adjunct Professor with Grand Canyon University. 


Johnna Wilson, M.A.

I have worked for over a decade in child and family welfare. In recent years I chose to pursue a career in mental health counseling in order to continue to serve individuals, children, and families. Professionally, I have worked closely with parents as they grew their families through adoption and have seen both the blessings and challenges that families experience through this process. My training over the years has focused on childhood trauma and attachment as well as grief and loss issues which impact development and overall functioning. 


Throughout my personal life I have worked with youth and young adults who have faced a myriad of challenges and traumatic experiences which have left them questioning their purpose in life, their faith, and their relationships with friends and family. Whether it be from such experiences as divorce, heartbreak, grief or anxiety, these all have a way of catapulting individuals throughout the lifespan to struggle with their spiritual, emotional, and mental health. 


I have not been without my own personal experiences that have left me feeling traumatized, alone, and uncertain about the future, but I have found that through relationships with others who have a compassionate heart and willingness to simply listen that hope and healing can be found. I believe in meeting clients where they are in their journey towards healing and walking along beside each one as they find their compass and path forward.

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