Enrichment Mindfulness Retreat

June 2-4 2017

Come experience and enriching weekend of yoga meditation nutrition and more to be the best that you can be. 
Individual massage sessions available for additional price. 
$125 for the weekend including tent site and meals.$75 just for Saturday meals included.
Please purchase tickets at http://www.crystalshealinghands.com/
First 50 registrants receive a special goody bag

Enrichment Mindfulness Retreat Presenter Schedule
(Schedule is subject to change based on presenter availability)

Friday June 2nd

7:00pm Keynote Speaker Nicole Pardon Certified Health Coach with Fit Soul

8:30pm Campfire Meditation Angie Anderson, LPC with Serenity Counseling Center

Saturday June 3rd

7:30am Morning Relaxation Yoga Angie Anderson, Certified Yoga Instructor with Serenity Counseling Center

10:00am Breakout Session One

Kelly Patrick with Dream Home Designs “Creating a Zen Space”

Dr. Laura Farmer “Intro to Qoya”

1:30pm Breakout Session Two

Becky Swanson Energy Coach with Bloom and Shine “Self-Love & Self-Trust: The Foundation to Abundance. A Class of Self-Discovery, Empowerment, & Energy Clearing”

Rachel Crawford Motivational Speaker “Love Yourself”

Colleen Carrell Owner and Certified Yoga Instructor with Grace Yoga Studio “Sacred Yoga, Delving into your True Self”

3:30 pm Hike “Exploring Bent Mountain” Gretch Boeren and Angie Anderson LPC with Serenity Counseling Center “Mountain Meditation”

6:30pm Breakout Session Three

Laura Gentile Certified Life Coach “Nourishment of Mind Body & Spirit”

Lori Womack Certified Life Coach “Key to Yourself-Open the Door to a Joyful Life from Within”

Martha Kastler Certified Yoga Instructor “Somatic Yoga”

8:30pm Campfire Meditation Angie Anderson LPC Serenity Counseling Center

Sunday June 4th

7:30am Morning Relaxation Yoga Angie Anderson, Certified Yoga Instructor with Serenity Counseling Center


Coming soon Therapeutic Massage
Seeking Licensed Massage Therapists to join our family.



The struggles as real!  No one including Christians are immune from the hurt, pains, and turmoil that can be brought about by sexual addiction.  Many Christians struggle with sexual addiction because in some ways the church has failed to address the reality of these issues in a loving, caring and non-judgmental way.  Come join Doug Donivan in an engaging series to see what can be done to perhaps heal our own hurts or help those we know who are hurting because of shame, guilt, and  perhaps anger does not know where to turn.

 For more information or to register please contact Doug Donivan at 540-525-2463 or email doug1lifecoach@gmail.com.  

Complete series including materials for only $25.  Individual sessions or group sessions beginning in Feb 2017 are available.    

Check out the articles below for some great events that Serenity has provided...
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Coping Skills Group for Children
10 individual sessions to explore 9 different ways to handle everyday problems efficiently and effectively. 
 Last session is a fun celebration of completion with summary and certificate. 
 Medicaid and insurance plans may cover sessions. 
Contact office for current schedule  
Perfect for ages 6-12 

Talk it Out; Conflict Resolution for Children 
5 sessions for Children Grades 3-5
Is your child having a hard time solving problems and dealing with conflict?
Yes? Then this is a program for your child...Each session we will spend one hour together...after an introduction to 
conflict resolution, we will learn how to cool off, to talk about feelings, to listen and how to find fair solutions.   
 5 weeks and a lifetime of problem solving effectively. 
Medicaid and insurance plans may cover sessions.
Contact office for current schedule. 

Making Love Last for Families and Couples 

Designed specifically for families and couples wanted to create peace in relationships.  
Approximately five sessions to develop mutual respect, effective conflict resolution and healthy communication styles.  
Contact Angie Anderson to schedule an intake to explore if this program would be beneficial for you and your family or partnership.