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Hypnosis at Serenity

What is Hypnosis? 
    Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which a person may be more likely to accept suggestions which can help change his or her behavior.  When                   hypnotized you're aware of all suggestions given to you and won't do anything you are opposed to doing.
Who can  be hypnotized?
    Anyone who wants to achieve excellent results and have the freedom to live life fully can benefit from hypnosis.
How can hypnosis help me?
    Do you want to:
    * Eliminate a Habit *Lose Weight *Control Eating *Stop Smoking *End Nail Biting *Reduce Stress
    *Overcome Fears *Build Self-Confidence *Increase Sales Motivation *Become Success Conscious
    *Improve Memory *Improve Grades *Pass Exams *Improve Learning Skills *Increase Concentration and Focus
    *Acheive Self-Acceptance *Stop OCD Behaviors *Overcome Depression *Have Restful Sleep *Have Painless Childbirth
    *Have Relief from Pain
Who will be providing the services?
    Mary Ann Walker is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.  For more information on Mary Ann please go to Meet you Helpers.
Is hypnosis expensive?
    No!  Individual sessions are only $54/hr and Group sessions are only $20/person. Sessions will include a recorded CD of the session. Mary Ann is always
    offering exciting special groups so follow her announcements on Upcoming Events or on Facebook.  At this time, hypnosis is not covered by insurance.